Types of Countertops that Goes into Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Just like choosing furniture or appliance that you will use at home for many years, choosing a countertop also requires a lot of time. Given it is a considerable investment, you want to make sure you choose the right one to reap the investment you put into it.   


The first thing you want to consider in choosing a countertop is the functionality it will provide. Do you have a big family? Are you fond of cooking or baking? How do you prepare your meals? Do you do it in bulk or by meal? These things may not easily come to mind, but try and think about these things first to make the best decision on getting the right countertop for your home. Considering these will help you weigh the upside or downside of getting a smaller countertop or a huge one.   

Regarding the design, a lot of things also need to be considered. Are you only changing your countertop or adding one? Is the countertop installation your only concern, or are you remodeling or renovating your whole kitchen or bathroom? These things come in handy to make sure you can easily complement the design of your countertop to the design of your whole space. Is your goal to make your countertop pop’s color or appearance or make it unifier to the whole space in your kitchen or bathroom? Considering all these will surely help make sure you have a nice design outcome throughout your whole space concern.   

  1. Marble 

Marble is a common go-to option as a countertop material for every kitchen or bathroom. This is often because of its appearance. We all know that marble exemplifies a classy and elegant look for every kitchen or bathroom out there. However, if you are concerned about its functionality, don’t worry because it also delivers. However, you may need to take extra care and precaution when it comes to maintaining its look and glossiness. Marble is known to be porous as much as it is known for its leaving look. Due to this, you will surely have a problem with staining when you are not careful with spillage or clumsy and all around the place.   

  1. Quartz 

Quartz is getting quite the fame these days. Given its non-porous nature, it enables owners of countertops made of Quartz to stay risk-free of costly repetitive application of sealants. If you have been looking for the original Quartz in the market, you may not find one. The Quartz countertops in the market are made of engineered Quartz, a combination of the real deal and a binder called resin. Combining the two makes it more indestructible, enabling owners, even chefs, to choose it over other material of choice because of its various benefits.   

  1. Concrete 

Concrete tops are often seen in farmhouses. This industrial-looking option elevates the look of a farmhouse kitchen and makes it seem modern to the eye. Concrete is not bland-looking even with its usual gray; however, it exudes a bold appeal, giving it an edge when homeowners want a solid and long-lasting material for their countertops. Are you looking for a concrete countertop professional? Countertops made of concrete are a specialization by a team of reliable professionals from vtcountertops.com. You can visit the website to get to know more.